What is a ‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreement?

A No Win No Fee agreement is an arrangement between you and you solicitor which means that if your compensation is not successful then you don’t have to pay them for any of the work that they have done.

If you win your claim then your solicitor will be paid part of their costs from the other party but you will be required to make a contribution from the compensation you receive. Your solicitor will discuss how much this is prior to them undertaking any work.

I have Legal Expense Insurance

You may have a legal expense insurance through a bank account or insurance policy. In which case this will cover many of the legal costs associated with your claim.

Again your solicitor will discuss this in more detail with you before any work commences.

Are there any restrictions on making a no win, no fee personal injury claim?

If you are based in England or Wales all personal injury, accident and medical negligence claims through First4Lawyers are made on a No Win No Fee basis. You won’t have to pay a single penny to any of our solicitors if a compensation claim is lost. If you are in Scotland or Northern Ireland then the rules are slightly different.

What are the rules for Northern Ireland?

You can still make medical negligence or personal injury claims in Northern Ireland but they do not operate a no win no fee facility in this country.

However at First4Lawyers our solicitors will still review your potential case for free and then advise of any associated costs and options to make a claim. If someone is claiming that they can do it on a no win no fee basis in Northern Ireland then you need to question how they are able to offer this service.

I’m making a claim in Scotland, what does it mean for me?

Personal injury claims in Scotland operate in the same No Win No Fee way as they do in England and Wales so if your claim is unsuccessful then there will be no cost to you.

Unfortunately however the No Win No Fee option does not apply to Medical Negligence claims in Scotland. Our solicitors will however be more than happy to discuss your Medical Negligence case with you and explain the options available and any costs associated with making a Medical Negligence claim before any work is undertaken.