From the first moment that an infant discovers its own hands and arms, through to walking and developing the many skills that we use to enjoy sports, work and carry out our daily lives, we live in a world that is designed to make use of our unique limbs. When a serious injury results in amputation, the effects are far-reaching both emotionally and physically.

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Industrial situations or machinery can be to blame, as well as explosions, sudden breakage of cables, falling weights or traffic accidents but however it happens, the right care and support are essential to maintaining quality of life. While medical expertise and emotional support over the long-term are the most pressing needs, victims of amputation also need to consider the degree to which their environment will need to be altered to account for their altered capacities. That may mean investments in infrastructure like a stair-lift or wheelchair, or substantial modifications to a vehicle to maintain freedom and mobility. The costs can be high, in addition to which it may not be possible to carry on working in the same way as before.

At First4SeriousInjury we have years of experience when it comes to helping people who’ve suffered the trauma of amputation to get the support that they need and the compensation that they deserve. From the first contact you’ll be given personal advice that applies to your unique circumstances. Together we can establish what kind of compensation claim can be established. Our experts will remain at your side right through the process helping you adapt to the challenge of moving on with life.

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Although it is hard to determine how much compensation you can receive following an amputation, previous cases have led to six figure claims. First4SeriousInjury have helped people win significant compensation to cover past and future loss of earnings as well as directing them to specialists to support the rehabilitation process.

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First4seriousInjury believes that losing a limb, and perhaps your ability to earn, doesn’t have to mean losing your dignity or quality of life. Our specialised team are here to help you get fair compensation for an injury that might have been avoided, and to make sure that beyond that, you get the help that you need.

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