Industrial & Work Accidents

When you show up to work it's usually because you've agreed to carry out certain responsibilities toward an employer. You provide something that they need, and they in turn compensate you with a salary. But beyond these basic workplace obligations, employers have a legal duty to ensure something less visible, and even more important: your safety.

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When workplace accidents occur, it may be that your employer didn’t correctly assess the risks involved or carry out their obligation to limit these as far as possible. It could be that sufficient training wasn’t provided or that protective equipment wasn’t made available or was not in working order. In some cases an employer may try to downplay their responsibility for your accident. And for many employees, having the confidence to stand up to their employer can be an issue. Since the relationship is usually one where the employer is dominant, employees can be left feeling that they are to blame.

At First4SeriousInjury, we have an expert team that can help determine whether your accident could have been avoided, whether it was due to an oversight or even negligence on the part of your employer. Crucially, we have a track-record of winning fair compensation for those who’ve suffered a workplace accident.

Accidents in the workplace are often more serious than those in the home, especially in an industrial setting where heavy machinery or chemicals can be involved.

What could your claim be worth?

Each industrial work accident is different, which makes it difficult to determine how much compensation you can claim for without having an in-depth discussion with you. Our expert advisors have years of experience with these types of accidents and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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If you’ve experienced a fall while working, or have been injured by moving parts, exposed to airborne pollutants such as excessive dust, or chemical fumes, been burned, or have lost sight or hearing as a result of workplace negligence, then First4SeriousInjury has the expertise to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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