Medical Negligence

From our early visits to the paediatrician and throughout our adult lives, doctors are an authority that we trust to deliver the very best advice and care for ourselves and our loved ones. But like any of us, medical professionals can make mistakes. And while the reasons for these mistakes may be various and complex, the impact on lives can be simply devastating. First4SeriousInjury can help you to minimise that impact by seeking compensation for those who lives have been seriously impacted.

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Negligence is best understood as having failed to do something that could have reasonably been expected under the circumstances. Examples of negligence can include misdiagnosis, prescription of incorrect treatments or medicines, or carrying out procedures incorrectly, but whatever the cause, it takes an experienced professional to establish whether you have grounds for compensation.

First4SeriousInjury specialises in misdiagnosis (in particular stroke or cancer), pregnancy and birth-related claims, such as cerebral palsy or meconium aspiration syndrome, and hospital negligence, including surgery claims.

One of the first difficulties you might face if you’ve been the victim of clinical negligence can be the self-doubt that occurs in questioning an authority such as a doctor. Often those who’ve suffered medical negligence are reluctant to believe that they’ve suffered anything more than a misfortune. Many people feel uncomfortable questioning the motives or actions of professionals who dedicate their career to helping others. First4SeriousInjury has a team of experienced and supportive professionals who can guide you through this self-doubt, and support you through the analysis of often complex information to help you establish whether you’ve been the victim of negligence.

Types of medical negligence claims

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It is difficult to provide exact figures in regards to how much compensation a successful claim for medical negligence would bring as each case is unique. It depends on the degree of damage and lasting injury. Once you’ve agreed to proceed with your serious injury claim, our experts will be able to guide you further.

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At First4SeriousInjury we’re here to support you through the entire process. From the first contact with our team, you’ll get experience, empathy and commitment. Together we’ll help get the compensation that is needed to help get life back on track for those who’ve suffered from medical negligence.


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