Motorcycle Accident Claims

Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling but every biker knows that it can come at a price. That's why from 125cc learners, right up to riders of sports bikes or big-engined cruisers, every biker puts safety as their number one priority. Learning how to control the bike, building skills and adapting to different road conditions are just some of the thrills of biking. But some elements will always be outside the control of even the most experienced and prudent riders.

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Whether through a moment’s carelessness or even intentional aggression, drivers of cars, vans, lorries and buses can cause serious injury to bikers. Whether failing to check mirrors before turning or simply not understanding that motorcycles move, and stop, differently, drivers are sadly unaware of the impact they can have on riders and their families. Sometimes that impact is fatal.


At First4SeriousInjury, we understand and work with bike riders to help them get the compensation that they deserve. Our specialists fully understand that the exposed nature of riding on two wheels means that the consequences are always much more serious than in an enclosed vehicle. The impacts can be long-term – paralysis, loss of movement, head or spinal injuries – all of these require adaptation and prolonged specialist attention that often comes at a substantial cost. First4SeriousInjury believes that you shouldn’t have to take on those costs yourself. That’s why we will help you establish if you’re entitled to compensation and then work with you to help you claim it.

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Whatever type of accident you’ve been involved in, First4SeriousInjury is there for you, including the very worst cases, where a loved one has been lost in a fatal bicycle accident. We know that no amount of money will make up for personal loss, but we believe that you shouldn’t have to shoulder a financial burden in addition to your grief.

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