Serious Car Accident Claims

From the first trip in the car as children, to passing our own driving test, travelling by car is an empowering experience that provides us with the unique freedom to go wherever we choose. All of us know that this freedom can come at a price and that when accidents happen they are often serious.

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That’s why safety is the number one concern for both drivers and car makers alike, but even the best drivers can be caught out by the thoughtlessness or inexperience of other road users. And when that happens the consequences can be dire.


Injuries can range from whiplash to loss of limbs, burns, scarring, or loss of hearing, sight or movement. In cases of spinal injury, paralysis may occur. In the very worst accidents, there may be fatalities. At First4SeriousInjury our team has substantial experience in each of these cases. Our experts will give the guidance and assistance that’s needed to get the compensation and support that you need. In some cases, specialised and long-term medical care is needed, and serious injuries can often prevent people from being able to work. That’s why being awarded adequate compensation can be essential to continuing a full life after a serious car accident.

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First4SeriousInjury’s team of professionals understands that speed is sometimes a factor in an accident, and that all accidents seem to happen quickly. It can be confusing, and sometimes a misplaced sense of politeness means that victims feel awkward about pointing the finger. You shouldn’t. All legal road users are insured and all drivers have a responsibility to control their vehicle and be held accountable for their actions. The first step that we will take is to help you establish the facts, and whether you have a case for compensation. From then on, we’ll be at your side each step of the journey towards getting the compensation that you deserve.

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