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Frequently Asked Cauda Equina Questions

What is cauda equina injury? A spinal injury can cause cauda equina syndrome. The most common causes include, a severe ruptured disk in the lumbar area, narrowing of the spinal canal, a spinal lesion or malignant tumour, a spinal ...

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Brain Injury

What is Brain Injury?

Brain injury at birth: Brain injuries at birth can be caused by a number of issues: Physical trauma If tools such as forceps or vacuums are not placed properly during birth they can cause brain injuries to the fragile head of a ba...

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baby jaundice

What Causes Jaundice In Babies?

While most cases of jaundice in babies don’t need treatment, there are a minority who have bilirubin levels which reach dangerous levels. This can become especially worrying if the symptoms of jaundice go unnoticed and the disea...

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bicycle injury

How a Cycling Accident Solicitor Can Help You

Have you been injured? Has your property been damaged? Are you unable to work or go about your daily routine? All of the above have financial implications and can lead to added stress at an already troublesome time. Here’s how a...

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bicycle compensation claim

I Was Hit by A Vehicle While Cycling – What to Do Next

At First4seriousinjury, we understand that being involved in a cycling accident can be a distressing and shocking ordeal. If you have been injured and it wasn’t your fault, it’s crucial that you understand what to do in the im...

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clinical negligence

Resources for Teenage Cancer Sufferers

Blogs For families or individuals who have been affected by cancer, it can be beneficial to hear from others who are in a similar position. With this in mind, there are a plethora of different blogs that can be found via Google an...

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